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Photos of CERN I have taken while I was summer student during, well, the summer of 2010.
CERN 2010
Photos of Geneva taken during the summer of 2010
Ginevra 2010
During December 2011 I was in India for a workshop. Altough I stayed for just one week, it was an extremely interesting experience.
India 2011 (Think tank on Physics@LHC: Monte Carlo event generators at NLO and jet physics)
At the end of January 2012 I went to Ascona for a winter school.
Ascona 2012
LHCPhenonet 2012 annual meeting in Durham, at Lumley Castle.
Durham 2012
LHCPhenonet midterm evaluation meeting in Ravello.
Ravello 2012
Champaign 2012.
Champaign 2012
Chicago 2012.
Chicago 2012
LHCPhenonet School in Cracow 2013.
Cracow 2013
GDR meeting in Annency 2013.
GDR meeting in Annency 2013